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[WATCH] Lauren Boebert Challenger, Marine Gregg Smith Rolls Out New Ad “#ServeAgain”

[WATCH] Lauren Boebert Challenger, Marine Gregg Smith Rolls Out New Ad “#ServeAgain”

Rancher, Marine Veteran, and Erik Prince Whistleblower Says, “In Washington — too many seek to undermine the pillars of our democracy”

WESTCLIFFE, CO — Today, Democrat Gregg Smith, a Rancher, Marine veteran, and whistleblower on Erik Prince, released a new online video, titled “#ServeAgain.”

To view the ad “Serve Again”, click on the screenshot below:

In releasing “Serve Again,” Gregg Smith commented:

“This new ad highlights how from my time in the Marines to helping evacuate Lower Manhattan on 9/11 to blowing the whistle on Erik Prince, I have always put duty, service, and country first. While many in Washington seek to undermine the pillars of our democracy, defending American values has been the cornerstone of my life.

It also underscores that to get through this unprecedented time, we need a government we can trust and bipartisan leadership from our public servants focused on the most pressing issues of the day, including defending access to healthcare, rebuilding our economy, fighting climate change, ensuring equal rights and protecting our public lands.

I signed up to defend this country. After encouraging a terrorist attack on our Capitol, it’s clear Lauren Boebert signed up to destroy it.“

Below is a copy of the script of the “Serve Again” ad:

When I think of America.
I think of hard-working, honest, decent people.
A nation where we care about one another.
A nation — I fought for. 
But in Washington — too many seek to undermine the pillars of our democracy.
I’m running for Congress to restore the heart and patriotic values that built this country.
And to solve our most pressing challenges.
Protecting healthcare.
Rebuilding our economy.
Fighting climate change.
Ensuring equal rights.
And safeguarding our public lands.
This — out here — is the real America.
It’s time we bring it to Washington.
I’m Gregg Smith, and I’m ready to serve again.

Recently, Smith released his launch video, titled “New Mission,” which has gone viral, receiving nearly 370,000 views online in a matter of weeks.

To view the ad “New Mission”, click here or on the screenshot below:

About Gregg Smith
Gregg grew up in Brooklyn, Michigan, a one-stoplight town in rural Michigan, home of the famous Michigan International Speedway. It was there that Gregg developed the foundation of his values that helped ground him and continue to guide him to this day: honesty, respect, and duty.

That sense of duty led Gregg to enlist as a Marine on his 18th birthday, during the height of the Iran Hostage crisis. Gregg served with the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines, Weapons Company. He deployed twice to Lebanon in 1983. The second time following the Beirut barracks bombing that killed 241 United States military personnel.

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After the deadly bombing, Gregg and the other Weapons Company marines spent 45 days defending the perimeter around the airport and the library where they were in regular confrontations with terrorists, resulting in numerous firefights. For his service, Gregg was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon. As a Marine, Gregg also earned a meritorious promotion, a Letter of Commendation, a Rifle Expert Badge, and various other ribbons and medals.

After leaving the Marines in 1985, Gregg went back home and enrolled at Michigan State University, graduating with honors and earning a finance degree. After working as a commercial banker for a couple of years, Gregg decided to continue his education and received his MBA from the University of Michigan in 1992. Gregg later joined Deloitte in 1996, where he was a partner.

In 2001, Gregg was working at Deloitte in Lower Manhattan when reports came in about the first plane crashing into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Gregg quickly made his way downtown to ensure everyone in his World Financial Center office was evacuated. Soon after he arrived, the second plane crashed into the South Tower.

Gregg crossed the street to the South Tower to coordinate with first responders when, without warning, the South Tower collapsed on him and the first responders, forcing Gregg to take cover in an adjacent parking garage. Once he emerged, Gregg turned towards Battery Park and helped evacuate survivors onto ferries and tugboats. Gregg was one of the last civilians to leave Lower Manhattan on 9/11.

In 2013, Gregg became CEO of Frontier Services Group, a pan-African logistics business. Blackwater Founder, Erik Prince, was named the Chairman of the business. While Gregg had always been cautious about Erik Prince, things went wrong in 2015. Gregg blew the whistle on Prince after he discovered that Prince was weaponizing FSG surveillance aircraft to become combat aircraft without the company’s knowledge. He immediately reported the activity to the board of directors which included Admiral William Fallon, the former Commander of U.S. Central Command. Gregg confronted Prince and then hired an independent law firm to conduct an investigation. The investigation findings were concerning enough that both Gregg and Admiral Fallon resigned and reported their findings to both the U.S. Department of Justice and the State Department.

After leaving FSG, Gregg and his wife moved to their ranch in Colorado that they had been part owners of since 2008. Today, they live at a horse ranch in the magnificent Wet Mountain Valley.

For more information, please visit GreggforCongress.com.

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