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WATCH: Lauren Boebert Lays Out Bizarre Plot To Remove Biden, Harris, & Pelosi

WATCH: Lauren Boebert Lays Out Bizarre Plot To Remove Biden, Harris, & Pelosi

A small group of Republicans is laser-focused on the impeachment of President Joe Biden, following their indignation at Donald Trump’s two impeachments during his presidency. Now Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has appeared on a right-wing show to explain exactly how her fantasy impeachment would work.

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In the clip below, Boebert appears on Glenn Beck’s show, where she was asked about the obvious flaw in Republicans’ impeachment push: the fact that if Biden was actually impeached and removed, Vice President Kamala Harris would take his place. Republicans don’t like Harris any more than they like Biden. There’s also a long-cultivated right-wing hatred of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who would be third in line for the presidency if Biden and Harris were no longer able to do the job.

Beck indicated that impeaching Biden wouldn’t be an improvement, since Harris would take his place, and Boebert responded with her plan (both tacitly admitting that their impeachment would be about politics, not about any alleged crimes by the president).

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According to Boebert, the plan would be deployed to remove all three at once: House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy would be asked to make a motion to remove the Speaker of the House, and impeachment proceedings would move against both Biden and Harris at the same time.

It’s very clear this isn’t about any alleged crimes, since this particular GOP clique has been shouting “Impeach!” since Biden’s inauguration — in fact, Boebert’s Congressional pal Marjorie Taylor Greene was in the process of filing articles of impeachment on January 21st, the day after the inauguration.

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