WATCH: Laura Ingraham Wants Military Funding Cut Over Gen. Milley’s Comments on Critical Race Theory

Fox News has gone all in on their bad faith argument on critical race theory. And almost in lock-step with the channel, GOP lawmakers are following suit. This led to an embarrassing moment for Matt Gaetz on Wednesday.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The disgraced Florida Rep. tried to ask Gen. Mark Milley a gotcha question about ‘wokeness’ in the military. The Joint Chiefs Chairman went viral after shutting Gaetz down with a thoughtful answer. This answer enraged Laura Ingraham who proposed that congress cut funding to the military.

Ingraham, perhaps the chief race baiter on Fox News, told viewers, “The fact is, Milley has made his choice. And he’s chosen to indulge the radical whims of Democrats. He’ll do everything they tell him as long as they keep the military-industrial complex flush with cash.”

The Fox host continued, “We are sending our tax dollars to this military in an attempt to weed out so-called extremists, which just means conservative evangelicals as far as I can tell. Why is Congress not saying we’re not going to give you a penny until all of this is eradicated from the military budget? Nothing. This is my offer to you: nothing. That’s what I would say. I am totally outraged by [Milley] and his ridiculous response today.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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