WATCH: Laura Ingraham Wants AOC to Team Up With the GOP to Take on Biden Administration

Since the day she was elected back in the midterms of 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a subject of fascination. This is especially true of Conservative news networks which discuss her on nearly a nightly basis.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

With the Queens congresswoman being a progressive, much of the talk about her on Fox News is quite negative. But on Wednesday night, Laura Ingraham had quite a different take on Ocasio-Cortez. Ingraham thinks the congresswoman should form an alliance with Republicans.

The Fox host began by saying, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had enormous influence on her party. As a freshman Democrat, her coalition helped pull Joe Biden and her colleagues to the left on key issues, such as the Green New Deal, health care, and impeachment.”

Ingraham continued by asking, “With Joe Biden waiting in the wings poised to announce major changes to U.S. Trade and foreign policy, AOC faces some difficult choices,” Ingraham said. “How can she, who has always claimed to be a cruciate or for the working class… support the policies favored by big corporate interests?”

The host closed:

“So if she goes along on the China and trade issue and helps the tech bros get richer, she’ll have a one-way ticket with the in crowd. And if she leaves politics, they’ll make her an instant multimillionaire. But if she stands up to the establishment on China and if she fights against the TPP, if she tries to end foolish wars, well, then she’ll get very different treatment. Well, the choice is hers, and she’ll have to make it soon. By working with the populists, she could really help working people. And for many folks, that’s even better than being on the cover of Vogue or Vanity Fair.”

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