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WATCH: Laura Ingraham Slams Pete Buttigieg for Openly Supporting Gay Marriage

WATCH: Laura Ingraham Slams Pete Buttigieg for Openly Supporting Gay Marriage

The people of the United States have a much different view on gay marriage than they did even 20 years ago. A poll taken in June of 2021 showed that 71% of the American public support gay marriage.

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The religious radicals on the Supreme Court, however, care little about the will of the American people. And there have been signs that they could look to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 decision that made gay marriage legal.

Many people, clearly, are upset about the possibility. That includes Biden staffer Pete Buttigieg, the most prominent LGBT lawmaker in the country. He talked about the issue multiple times this weekend on news shows. This ticked off Laura Ingraham, who blasted the Transportation Secretary for caring about his rights.

The Fox host began, “I mean, you can’t turn the dial without seeing him on every show — like weekends — he’s seven days a week on television. So, if they could put Kamala out there, they would, Stephen. We have airline issues. I mean, not really in his portfolio, but we have baby food shortages still.”

Guest Ben Domenech jumped in, “Supply chain.” Ingraham continued, “Yeah, supply chain. We have the big thing going on at the ports in California. And this guy’s about, ‘Well, let’s talk about me.” I mean, this is unbelievable.'”

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Fox knows how unpopular the repeal of gay marriage would be, even among a percentage of their viewers, So it is no surprise that the network would focus on attacking Biden staffers than discussing the issue.

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