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WATCH: Laura Ingraham Slams Jon Stewart, Says He’s ‘Desperate for Credibility’

WATCH: Laura Ingraham Slams Jon Stewart, Says He’s ‘Desperate for Credibility’

In August of 2015, Jon Stewart stepped down as the host of the Daily Show. He had a legendary run, with the show receiving 19 Primetime Emmy Awards and 3 Peabody Awards during his tenure. While the show was comic in nature, it also covered political topics as well

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Stewart has recently returned to the public eye, hosting a show on Apple TV+ and Conservative pundits are not happy about it. During her Monday night show, Laura Ingraham slammed Stewart as a race activist who is hunting for credibility.

Ingraham played a clip from Stewart’s shows Twitter feed where an influencer named Lynae Vanee opined, “The problem with White people is everything. The problem with White people is the inherent defense mechanisms that pop up to protect privilege anytime race, equity, or racist systems come up, i.e., ‘I never owned slaves.’ I think the real problem with White people is how deeply entrenched privileged exists in their everyday lives and how terrified they are to lose it.”

An infuriated Ingraham responded, “The only thing funny about Jon Stewart these days is how blissfully self-unaware he is. Now, this guy was so afraid of debating Andrew Sullivan one-on-one that needed to have the whole situation be like a three against one.”

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The Fox host continued, “And he’s the same sneering prig who 18 years ago lectured the hosts of Crossfire on CNN about the need for more respectful, more informed discourse. Well today, he’s just another race activist, desperate for credibility in an America that as Andrew said, is the most multi-cultural, multi-ethnic that it’s ever been.”


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