WATCH: Laura Ingraham Says Systemic Racism is a Lie and the Media Should Know Better Than to Cover It

“For generations, Americans who are Black, brown, Native American, immigrant, haven’t always been fully included in our democracy or our economy.” That is how Joe Biden spoke about systemic racism during a July speech. The Democratic candidate also outlined a plan to address the issue if he was to take office.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Many of the hosts on Fox News, however, have continuously claimed that systemic racism isn’t a real thing and something that does not need to be addressed. During her Wednesday night broadcast, Laura Ingraham took it a step further. The controversial host said that not only does systemic racism not exist, but that the media shouldn’t even cover the topic.

Ingraham, while discussing the Breonna Taylor case, began, “This violence that we’re seeing play out tonight — and it’s not just here, it’s in other cities across the United States — is being fueled in part by a lie. What is that lie? The lie is that America is a systemically racist country, that we really haven’t made really any progress, certainly not much progress since the 1950s or 1960s on issues related to race.”

The host continued:

“Now, this is a cynical and poisonous strategy. This entire narrative about systemic racism that’s being employed by hard left activists and echoed without any question whatsoever by many in the media who frankly know better. Now, that’s exactly what they are doing now after this grand jury decision where, again, two officers of the three were not charged after the shooting of Breonna Taylor.”

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