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WATCH: Laura Ingraham Says Systemic Racism Ended in the US in 1965

WATCH: Laura Ingraham Says Systemic Racism Ended in the US in 1965

During her Wednesday night show, Laura Ingraham said that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are telling a “big lie” that systemic racism exists.

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There were a number of Fox anchors upset about the Derek Chauvin verdict yesterday. Greg Gutfeld had a viral moment when he wondered if the police officer was actually guilty. Tucker Carlson continued to claim that Chauvin was actually convicted by the media.

Laura Ingraham decided to go a different way with her feelings on the subject. In her mind, the verdict proves that racism doesn’t exist in the country. In fact, according to Ingraham, the country hasn’t been systemically racist since the 1965 Civil Rights Act was passed.

The Fox host told viewers:

“Aha. That’s the big lie. Systemic racism. Did Joe Biden always believe that the nation was racist to its core? Did he believe this when Barack Obama and he were elected not once but twice? Historic elections. Did that do nothing to remove this stain on our nation’s soul? What about the 1965 Civil Rights Act? Does Joe Biden really believe that he presides over a country where law enforcement is essentially a racist killing machine? I mean, who knows? Even if he’s not the one making the calls on this stuff, he’s mouthing the words.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News Network:

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