WATCH: Laura Ingraham Says Mask Requirement is a “Liberal Plot”

Americans who have to visit the supermarket or post office are coming across many people who are wearing masks. The recommendation to wear masks when around other people was made by the White House in early April. Certain states require masks to be worn in order to enter businesses.

To certain Fox News personalities, however, the masks are a completely unnecessary nuisance. During a recent broadcast, Laura Ingraham said that the mask requirement is a liberal plot to keep American citizens terrified.

The controversial Ingraham Angle host told her viewers, “They’ll say this whole mask thing is “settled science” just like they do with climate change, of course it is not and they know it. Our own experts have gone from masks aren’t necessary to masks are essential and you have to wear them when you go jogging in just a few weeks time.”

Ingraham continued:

“Now Rush Limbaugh made a great point as he always does on the radio the other day and he said the virus itself as it weakens and states start reopening, the media that have been selling panic, panic, panic for weeks and weeks and weeks, they have fewer images to sell their hysteria to justify continued lockdowns. But the masks, well they’re kind of a constant reminder. You see the mask and you think, you are not safe. You are not back to normal. Not even close.”

The host has spent much of the last two months trying to downplay concerns about COVID-19. In late March, Ingraham was forced to remove a tweet with false claims about the drug hydroxychloroquine.

Watch a video of Ingraham’s rant below, courtesy of Fox News:

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