WATCH: Laura Ingraham Says Fauci is “Working for the Biden Campaign”

Since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been an important voice. The renowned immunologist has recommended a slow path towards reopening in an effort to keep as many people as possible from getting sick.

Photo by Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Many Conservatives have been unhappy with Fauci’s cautious approach, perhaps none more than Laura Ingraham. On Monday night’s broadcast, the bombastic Fox News host accused the Doctor of “working for the Biden Campaign.”

Ingraham began by saying, “Dr. Doom himself at a Senate hearing today spreading more Covid panic and undermining Trump’s agenda.”

The host continued, “Now, at this point, can we all just admit that Fauci is basically working for the Biden campaign?Now, for all we know, I don’t know, he could be Joe’s running mate. Why not?”

Ingraham closed her rant by blaming, without evidence, Black Lives Matter protesters for the rise in COVID cases.

“Those same authorities went on to denounce their fellow Americans for protesting to save their businesses and jobs only to turn around and essentially openly embrace the BLM marches while claiming racism was the real virus,” she continued. “Now, these esteemed experts don’t even have the integrity to admit that the masked protests, which they themselves often participated in, are likely a major reason we are seeing current spikes in various cities. Now the timing and patient profiles of the Covid spikes in cities like Cleveland, L.A., Houston and states like Minnesota all correlate to the protests.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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