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WATCH: Laura Ingraham Say Taking in Ukrainian Refugees, ‘Not in America’s Best Interests’

WATCH: Laura Ingraham Say Taking in Ukrainian Refugees, ‘Not in America’s Best Interests’

The vast majority of Americans that have a conscious feel just horrible for the Ukrainian people. The civilians of the European nation were just trying to live their lives when Vladimir Putin invaded their country.

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It’s a bit different on Fox News, though. Tucker Carlson twists himself into a pretzel each night trying to explain the Russian President’s actions. And Laura Ingraham displays a stunning lack of empathy. Last night, Ingraham claimed that accepting Ukrainian war refugees was not in America’s best interests.

The Fox host and guest Todd Bensman were discussing President Biden’s recent announcement that he would accept 100,000 refugees from the war-torn country. Ingraham began:

“Obviously, our hearts break for the people in Ukraine. It is absolutely horrific what has happened to them. But, is bringing them all the way to the United States in their best interest? And what about the U.S. taxpayers’? You recently called it a fable that these Ukrainian war refugees desperately need American sanctuary and even would qualify for asylum. Why is that?”

Bensman responded, “So there’s really no reason whatsoever for Ukrainians to be coming to our border or for us to be bringing in huge swells, numbers of Ukrainians here. They’re doing great for a group of war refugees. It’s kind of the — the issue is that they are not asylum-seekers. They have asylum, right in their own neighborhood.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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