WATCH: Laura Ingraham Has a Warning For Companies That Oppose Georgia’s Voter Suppression Laws

In 2018, Brian Kemp used his powers as Georgia’s Secretary of State to make it harder for black people to vote. This helped him secure a slim victory over Stacey Abrams in the state’s Governor’s race.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

In 2020, Georgia voters fought back, helping propel Joe Biden in the White House and electing two senators. In response, the GOP controlled state senate passed legislation aimed at making it harder for African Americans to vote.

Many companies and organizations have come out in opposition to those bills. On Thursday night, Laura Ingraham urged her supporters to punish those companies backing voting rights.

After playing a clip from Stacey Abrams, Ingraham began, “Oh please. They end up telling companies to fight for election fraud or face harassment or boycott threats. Stacey Abrams and her intimidation squad, well, they’re all thrilled about this. And the sad thing is it’s working, the same for Hollywood.”

The Fox host later continued, “Now as I warned just a few days ago, we have the hard left working hand in glove with Hollywood, sports personalities and big business to bully and intimidate Georgia for passing a law that they believe threatens Democrats dreams of permanent rule. That meansĀ  majority Democrat rule forever.”

Ingragam closed, It’s time to teach corporate America that if they attack Georgia or any state like it for doing what they did to secure their right to vote, these corporations are going to face the wrath of GOP officials as well as the tens of millions of American consumers who support them. That means lobbyists and CEOs, they need to be told in no uncertain terms if you try to help the left rig elections, we’re going to punish you.”


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