WATCH: Laura Ingraham Blasts House GOP for Losing Grip on Majority

After Donald Trump's succeeded at winning the Presidential election, many people who style themselves after the former President decided they would run for office too. Many of these people were elected to Congress and they are making life difficult for people who actually want to do their job. 

As a result, some Republicans are not only deciding not to run again, they are deciding to leave early, imperiling the GOP's slight majority. An irate Laura Ingraham discussed the matter during her Friday night show. 

The host told viewers, "Now, I’ve been in Washington — this is depressing to report — but 30 years,” Ingraham said. “I have never witnessed what I’m witnessing now: a party with a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, everything on the line in the country, but committing a slow suicide — the party. This is why conservatives call the G.O.P. ‘The Stupid Party,’ by the way."

Ingraham continued:

"The new speaker, Mike Johnson, just signed on to a $1.2 trillion spending bill that essentially gives Joe Biden everything he needs…The fact is, as I tried to tell Matt Gaetz, there just aren’t enough serious Republicans in Congress now who really want to cut spending. Instead, they want to flex their muscles and exercise “real power,” they think, which is spending."

The host closed, "And let’s not forget Republicans’ self-sabotage was also on full display when they helped push George Santos out. Obvious ethical issues there, but many of us think what is happening with spending is unethical, as well. Ousting Santos gave the Democrats another seat. By summer, I think, there is distinct possibility that Democrats will have the House majority."