WATCH: Laura Coates Hilariously Compares Donald Trump to Archie Bunker

During a weekend appearance on Real Talk with Bill Maher, CNN personality compared Donald Trump to the TV character, Archie Bunker. 

While reporting on CNN, Coates has to hold back a little bit when it comes to the formeer President. But appearing on HBO allowed her to let loose a bit more. And that she did. 

The topic of conversation was the legacy of the creator of Archie Bunker, Norman Lear. Lear had meant for Bunker to be a caricature of a close-minded bigot. Contrasting Bunker and Trump, Coates remarked:

"Archie Bunker is not really in the rearview mirror. Archie Bunker is the bit for the drunk uncle today," she said. "We're talking about Donald Trump... we're talking about people who feel discounted, who associate liberalism with what you described."

When the host followed by asking Coates if she believes that there are more people like Archie Bunker in the United States today. She replied that she didn't believe so, but that the people like Archie Bunker are just much louder than they used to be. 

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of HBO