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WATCH: Late Night Host Has a Theory About What Tucker Carlson is Really Up To

WATCH: Late Night Host Has a Theory About What Tucker Carlson is Really Up To

Jimmy Kimmel reacted to Tucker Carlson’s wild Monday night rant by wondering if the late night how could actually be serious.

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Many news anchors wondered if the Fox rant was proof that the host is actually undergoing a mental breakdown. Kimmel decided to treat the issue with humor.

The host began the segment by saying of Carlson, “He’s very upset. America’s favorite man-Karen is so concerned about children being asked to wear masks that he is asking like minded individuals to get the authorities involved.

After playing a clip of Carlson’s rant, a laughing Kimmel retorted, “Tucker is, of course, very sensitive to the needs of children ’cause he is one himself. The guy said nothing after Sandy Hook, but now he wants you to call the cops. ‘There’s a kid with cotton on his face.'”

The host then played a clip of Carlson claiming that forcing a child to wear a mask at school is like the teacher punching the child in the face each day. “What kind of analogy is that?” he asked. “I mean, who’s at home nodding along with that? Is it possible that Tucker Carlson is actually a top-secret Sacha Baron Cohen character that he’s going to reveal to us? It’s the only explanation we have left. At least the My Pillow Guy was a crackhead. Tucker has no excuse.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of the ABC Network:

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