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WATCH: Larry Kudlow Touts “Calmness Of Donald Trump” With A Straight Face

WATCH: Larry Kudlow Touts “Calmness Of Donald Trump” With A Straight Face

Remember Donald Trump’s presidency and administration? It was characterized by such behavior as accusing his predecessor of spying on him, encouraging brutal and disproportionate treatment of protestors, and stripping rights from marginalized groups like transgender individuals. He held rallies where his fans chanted “lock her up” about his opponent, and started pushing disinformation to the public from day one — when he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd.

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Now imagine calling this “calmness.”

Now watch Larry Kudlow on Fox News, doing exactly that, with a straight face, even as he admits that one would have to leave the Trumper Tantrum Tweetstorms aside to fit the label. However, he doesn’t address the deadly protests — the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in 2017, and the attack on the Capitol Building by Trump supporters in January of this year — that bracketed the presidency, or Trump’s support of them, for instance.

Instead, he seems to be suggesting that because (in his opinion) Donald Trump would have handled the Afghanistan withdrawal differently, and taken responsibility for any mishaps or disasters.

“Trump was a good hands-on decision-maker,” Kudlow explains.

Biden is being accused of “playing the blame game” with regard to Afghanistan, and pundits are suggesting Trump would have “taken responsibility” when things went wrong.

Here are three clips from Trump’s presidency, in which he declares that he does not take any responsibility whatsoever — for the phone call that resulted in his second impeachment, the delays in COVID-19 testing, and for people trying to drink disinfectants after he suggested that using disinfectants inside the body might protect against COVID-19.

Calmness, and taking responsibility?

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