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WATCH: Larry Hogan Hopes To Appeal To “Sane Republicans,” Address Big Lie & January 6th

WATCH: Larry Hogan Hopes To Appeal To “Sane Republicans,” Address Big Lie & January 6th

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) is looking to the future as the end of his second term in office, and he says that he’s considering a run for President in 2024. He’s frustrated, though, with the current leadership of his party, and hopes to appeal to the ‘sane lane’ of Republicans who are also ready for leadership to address the election lies and the attack on the Capitol.

[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Appearing on CNN Sunday morning, Governor Hogan said that he is currently focused on his role in his current office, but that after January of 2023, when his second term ends, he and his team are “going to take a look” at possibilities for a presidential run. He says that he believes there is a “pretty large lane of sane Republicans” and that they’re looking for someone to serve as their voice in government.

Hogan said that voters in his party are getting tired of the drama and noise that has characterized the Trump takeover of the GOP, pointing out that there has been a significant drop in the percentage of Republicans who, in polls, say they want Trump to run again. He wants a Republican Party that doesn’t give cult-like fealty to a leader, and he believes the voters do, too.

Still, a Washington Post analysis of the latest surveys points out that even though the number of Republicans who say Trump should run again has slipped, a majority buy into his election lies — more than 6 in 10 believe that the 2020 election was fraught with fraud, and nearly as many say that Joe Biden’s election wasn’t legitimate.

It leaves the question open as to how Republicans would respond to another candidate, if the right one surfaced, and of course Trump’s legal troubles are always on the horizon complicating potential futures, but at the moment, Hogan has solid reasons to keep watch before committing to a challenge.

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