WATCH: Lara Trump Says RNC Will Donate 'Massive Resources' to Election Integrity

The Republican National Committee is set up to help Conservative lawmakers nationwide. That wasn't good enough for Donald Trump. Wanting the body to focus solely on his issues, the former President created a takeover and appointed his daughter-in-law Lara as its head. 

The Trumps are now in control of the RNC's purse strings and will use some of the money to pay for legal bills. According to Lara Trump, the organization will also use 'massive resources' to help preserve what they call election integrity. 

Trump told Fox News:

"Now we have the first ever election integrity division at the RNC. That means massive resources going towards this one thing. If people out there don't think their votes count, Sean, don't trust this thing, then we are no longer the country we once thought we were. We will have trained poll watchers, poll workers, poll observers, people in tabulation centers all across this country. If you want to volunteer as a poll watcher, poll worker, or if you want to volunteer as a lawyer."

This division is not being created because elections are unfair, as all of Trump's claims about fraudulent elections have gone unproven. This division is being created because, in an attempt to assuage the ego of the former President, a myth about the election being stolen from him was created.  And spending campaign resources to keep this myth going is only going to hurt the GOP.