WATCH: Lara Trump Says RNC Poll Workers Will Physically Handle Ballots on Election Day

In an effort to take over power and also funnel money towards his legal fund, Donald Trump took over the RNC and placed Lara Trump in charge. Almost immediately, most of the qualified people working for the organization quit or were fired. 

If last night's interview with Newsmax was any indication, Lara Trump will be blatant about her attempts to influence the upcoming election. 

During her Newsmax appearance, Trump told host Eric Bolling:

"Obviously, we’ve been working really hard. I think the most recent thing to report is that we are working hard on election integrity, and we just announced last week that we have 100,000 committed people who are going to be trained as poll workers. So, Eric, leading up to this election I think we can all see the most important thing aside from getting out the vote is protecting that vote."

The former President's daughter-in-law would continue, "We now have the ability at the RNC not just to have poll watchers – people standing in polling locations – but people who can physically handle the ballots."

Trump's rationale for why she could now do this was a bit confusing. She continued, "So, there was a moratorium for about 40 years on the RNC actually training people to work in these polling locations and the tabulation centers where the mail-in ballots come in. And last year, the judge who implemented that passed away. So, that was lifted, and that gives us a great ability as we head into what I assume everyone understands is the most important election of our lifetime. So we have this ability. These are volunteers, most of these people."