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WATCH: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Illegal Weapon Charge Is Dismissed By Judge

WATCH: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Illegal Weapon Charge Is Dismissed By Judge

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense was just granted a potentially significant win. Judge Bruce Schroeder has ruled that the charge of illegally possessing a deadly weapon as a minor is not applicable and has dismissed the charge.

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN – NOVEMBER 15: Judge Bruce Schroeder gives jury instructions during Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 15, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse is accused of shooting three demonstrators, killing two of them, during a night of unrest that erupted in Kenosha after a police officer shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back while being arrested in August 2020. Rittenhouse, from Antioch, Illinois, was 17 at the time of the shooting and armed with an assault rifle. He faces counts of felony homicide and felony attempted homicide. (Photo by Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images)

Even right-leaning news sources are admitting that this comes about because of confusingly-written gun laws with mixed messages and awkward reading that has left more than one attorney in confusion trying to untangle it. Wisconsin Right Now, which supports and agrees with the ruling, focuses on a single word — “and.” This single word in the law opens an interpretation in which the weapon is only illegal if it’s defined as ‘short-barrelled’ — which Rittenhouse’s rifle was not.

IN the Fox News clip below, Judge Schroeder quizzes the prosecution about the length of the barrel, and discusses the provisions of the law, before dismissing this charge.

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The judge has already been accused by many viewers of showing bias in the case, including when he instructed the jury (along with the rest of the courtroom) to applaud a witness for the defense, and in early rulings about the use of the word “victim” by the prosecution.

However, much has hinged on Rittenhouse’s illegal possession of this weapon, since self-defense claims could potentially be negated if it’s clearly demonstrated that he was already involved in a criminal act before shooting three protestors. Though Rittenhouse is charged with murder, the jury has already been invited to consider lesser charges if they find them more appropriate.

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