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WATCH: Kyle Rittenhouse Says He’ll See LeBron James In Court Over Lemonhead Tweet

WATCH: Kyle Rittenhouse Says He’ll See LeBron James In Court Over Lemonhead Tweet

Kyle Rittenhouse seems to be prepared to test the limits of exactly what defamation means in a court of law. He’s got a list of people he plans to sue, starting with Whoopi Goldberg, and in a new interview, he’s added LeBron James to the list.

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Rittenhouse was being interviewed by Drew Hernandez, a TurningPointUSA contributor, discussing the slew of defamation lawsuits he plans to pursue, and asked him about LeBron James. Grinning, Kyle responds, “He’s gonna get a letter too,” and proceeds to share his knowledge of defamation suits.

“Anybody who defamed me, or lied about me, we’re just gonna send ’em a letter, and deal with ’em in a courtroom.”

It’s not clear whether Rittenhouse is aware of exactly where the bar is set on defamation suits, but he seems to believe, or perhaps to have been told, that something the Lakers star said was actionable.

Here’s what James said about Rittenhouse:

He retweeted a USA Today post about Rittenhouse’s crying on the stand, and expressed disagreement with the description of the defendant “[breaking] down in tears.”

“What tears????? I didn’t see one,” LeBron posted, going on to suggest that perhaps Kyle had eaten sour candies before entering the courtroom, and that they had caused the scrunched expression on his face.

According to The Wrap, Rittenhouse was particularly hurt by James’ tweet mocking him. He had been a Lakers fan before that tweet, and said that he was “really pissed off” to see it.

Rittenhouse has particularly expressed an intent to pursue a defamation suit against Whoopi Goldberg, who expressed an opinion that he was a “murderer” even after his acquittal.

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