WATCH: Kurt Bardella Blames Donald Trump for Violence Against Asians During Morning Joe Appearance

The last few weeks and months have seen a rise in violence against Asian Americans. Many of those on the attack have mentioned the Coronavirus. In an effort to absolve Donald Trump blame for his horrid handling of the pandemic, many Conservative media outlets have instead blamed the Chinese.

Trump, himself has certainly been on that train. The former President frequently attacked the Chinese and referred to the virus as “the Kung Flu.” On Wednesday morning, Kurt Bardella appeared on Morning Joe and laid the blame on Trump for the rash of violence.

The worst violent incident occurred on Tuesday when a Georgia man shot 8 people at 3 different massage parlors. 6 of the people shot were Asian.

Bardella began by asking, “Why is this happening? Why have we seen, according to new data, this huge uptick in violence against Asian Americans?”

The MSNBC contributor continued, “The answer? The 150% rise in anti-Asian American hate crimes “all coincides with the rhetoric of the Republican party using terms like ‘China Virus’ and ‘Kung-Flu.”

Bardella closed:

“Like, how do you vote against something like that how do you tell people who look like me with a recorded vote that our lives mean less than other people’s? How do you condone rhetoric that has been proven to show in sites of violence and hate and makes the world more dangerous for people like me, how do you condone that behavior? How do you clap when someone says China Virus and look the other way time and again when the leader of your party continues to use this type of inflammatory rhetoric?”

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