[WATCH] Kinzinger Serves ‘Loser’ Trump A Dose Of His Own Medicine

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) repeatedly employed the one word Donald Trump loves to use the most against others, but can’t tolerate being used against himself. Kinzinger understands the Former Guy’s narcissism all too well, and he knew just how to hit him where it hurts him the most: right in the ego.

Adam Kinzinger called Donald a “loser.” Repeatedly. And emphatically. On television.

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Trump often used the “L” word to describe Kinzinger and other critics in his own party in a recent news release. But true to his character, the Illinois Congressman was unfazed, instead offering Trump a blunt reminder of the truth. And it’s a truth that Donald can’t deny.

“I’ve never lost an election. He has,” Kinzinger said. “He’s the only loser in that mix, and we’re trying to grab onto him as if he’s somehow the ticket to the future, and he is instead obsessed with the fact that he lost again at something.”

“He’s down there obsessing about the fact that he’s a loser,” Kinzinger said. “I’m sorry you’re a loser. But you lost.”

Kinzinger, who crossed party lines to vote for impeaching Trump this year, said Trump should spend his post-presidency championing an issue he cares about, as other former presidents have done. And of course, Trump has done the exact opposite.

Every accusation is a confession with the Former Guy, who immediately calls anyone who wrongs him a “loser” because what he fears most is to be a loser himself. And Adam Kinzinger hears the projection language for what it is and turns it around on him most deftly.

Watch Rep. Kinzinger tear Trump apart on “AC 360”, below.



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