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WATCH: Kinzinger Recounts The Conversation In Which Trump Declared, “Who Cares About Syria?”

WATCH: Kinzinger Recounts The Conversation In Which Trump Declared, “Who Cares About Syria?”

Since Donald Trump’s ouster from office, insiders have let out one revelation after another about what it was like to work with him behind closed doors, showing again and again why so many lost every last shred of respect they’d held for him.

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The latest is a single detail dropped by Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) in a news appearance to discuss Russia and Ukraine. As he discusses the often-faulty claims being made about how Donald Trump would have handled the invasion of Ukraine compared to what President Joe Biden is doing, he reminds viewers that regardless of whether one approves of Biden’s handling of the situation, there’s no point in rewriting history to pretend that Trump was capable or knowledgable on foreign policy matters.

“People who go around and say none of this would have happened under Donald Trump, it is a very convenient forgetting of how awful he was at foreign policy and his complete love towards authoritarian people…If you think President Biden is being weak on this, then say it. I think there’s certain things he’s certainly being weak on. But let’s not whitewash who Donald Trump was. Donald Trump empowered Vladimir Putin.”

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It’s not just that Trump worshipped Putin and made decisions that empowered him. Kinzinger cites Trump’s refusal to even care what he was doing — quoting a conversation in which he tried to address Trump on Syria, and the then-President responded, saying, “Who cares? Who cares about Syria?”

Whatever Biden may get wrong, Kinzinger reminds listeners, it doesn’t suggest that Trump would have done better.

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