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[WATCH] Kinzinger Puts ‘Brazen’ Key Witness Jim Jordan In Verbal Sleeper Hold For Trying to Serve On Jan 6th Committee

[WATCH] Kinzinger Puts ‘Brazen’ Key Witness Jim Jordan In Verbal Sleeper Hold For Trying to Serve On Jan 6th Committee

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a very shrewd move when she denied Rep. Jim Jordan (Q-Ohio via Mar-A-Lago) a seat on the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol insurrection. Jordan has long been seen as a potential key witness for the committee; Vice Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) infamously refused Jordan’s assistance in escaping the Senate chamber as the mob attempted to breach the doors. “Get the f–k away from me, you did this!” Cheney barked at Jordan as he extended his (probably very sweaty) hand to her.

Despite all of his subsequent whining, Jordan eventually told on himself, first admitting that he spoke with Donald Trump during the siege on the Capitol, and then again this week when his office confirmed a text he sent to Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.

Jim Jordan still won't keep his mask on
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Like a bad horror movie, all of the calls were coming from inside the House, and the Committee literally has all of the receipts.



Jordan is all but done, and yet he’s still tweeting like we don’t know what he did. He tweeted this on Friday. Imagine the amount of denial you have to live under to keep going on like this when everyone knows you openly plotted to overthrow the government. Then again, Jordan’s got plenty of experience turning a blind eye to a lot of terrible things.


Rep. Kinzinger appeared on CNN Thursday night, where he thoroughly and rightfully enjoyed dragging Jordan for asking to be on the committee that was going to be investigating him. Anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Kinzinger, “How brazen was it for him [Jordan] to attempt to serve on the committee investigating the January 6th attack, knowing he actually pushed this coup attempt?”

“Yeah, it is extremely brazen,” said Kinzinger. “And by the way, there are a few people that had ideas sent to Mark Meadows, I’m sure over time there will be more and more information that we’ll put out about that and everybody had their theory. And none of the theories were things like hey, Mark, let’s actually count the votes and go with the winner. It was some way to finagle the Constitution or send it back to the states or tell the state legislators to disregard their own people’s will.”

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“For Jim Jordan to have done that, and then to want to serve on the committee, first off, shows there would not have been — all he would have served was trying to shut down this committee,” added Kinzinger.

Watch the full takedown, below.

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