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WATCH: Kimmel Shreds Trump Jr. Over Vindman Criticism, “Daddy Bone-Spurs Must be Proud”

WATCH: Kimmel Shreds Trump Jr. Over Vindman Criticism, “Daddy Bone-Spurs Must be Proud”

During yesterday’s congressional hearing, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified about Donald Trump’s conversations with the Ukraine. Vindman, who came to America at the age of 4 from the Soviet Union. He became a decorated officer while serving in the United States Army.

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With such a record, it seemed that Vindman would be a difficult witness for Republicans to smear. That did not stop a number of them, however, from blasting the lieutenant colonel. During his monologue last night, Jimmy Kimmel blasted these conservatives, paying particular attention to Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. tweeted during Vindman’s testimony, “Anyone listening to Vindman stammer through this seemingly trying to remember the Catch Phrases he was well coached on should get that. He’s a low level partisan bureaucrat and nothing more.”

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This tweet drew the ire of Kimmel who zeroed in on the President’s son. The host said, “That’s right, the slicked-back sperm sample who never served anybody is questioning the integrity of a lieutenant colonel with a Purple Heart. Daddy Bone Spurs must be very proud of him.”

Kimmel also ripped into Ohio congressman Jim Jordan who was also dismissive of Lt. Col. Vindman’s impressive service record. “Jim Jordan of Ohio, this guy,  implied that Vindman was a leaker with questionable judgement, he remarked. “You know, questionable judgment, like if were you a wrestling coach and the team doctor was abusing your wrestlers and you didn’t say anything, that’s questionable judgment, Jim Jordan?”

Watch Kimmel’s Monday night monologue here, courtesy of ABC:

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