WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Promises To Target Ilhan Omar If Republicans Gain Majority

The far-right has a real problem with Ilhan Omar. Maybe it’s her progressive ideologies. Whatever it is, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is leveraging it, promising that if he can just get a majority in the House, he’ll target one of the women his voters love to hate.

[Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images]

Republicans are desperately scrambling to regain a foothold. With the election that ousted Trump, they lost the White House and their Senate majority, without managing to take a majority in the House. Meanwhile, Trumpism is splitting their base — oh no, not an even split, by any means, but a split, just the same. While every GOP elected official is deciding just how much to cater to the Trump-worshipping portion of the base, McCarthy has decided to target someone his voters might agree on more strongly: Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

In the clip below, he promises that if Republicans gain the majority in the House, they’ll move to strip her of her committee assignments, and claims she’s antisemitic and unAmerican.

As The Atlantic reports, Omar is again the victim of a disinformation campaign. After she called for accountability for crimes against humanity by a broad range of entities, including the United States, Israel, and Afghanistan, as well as groups like the Taliban and Hamas, there was an immediate response to pretend that she said that the U.S. and the Taliban were the same.

Win Without War, gathering support for Omar, said, “Representative Ilhan Omar is facing a smear campaign for daring to name what few will: that all victims of war crimes deserve justice, regardless of who commits the crimes.”

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