WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Lauds Donald Trump for Having Registered Sex-Offender at Latest Rally

Kevin McCarthy, in hopes of becoming the Speaker of the House, has debased himself in service of Donald Trump for years. He did become the Speaker, but was removed from the position by his own party less than a year later. 

The California Republican doesn't seem deterred by the humiliation and continues to do Trump's bidding. On Sunday, McCarthy lauded the former President for inviting registered sex offender Lawrence Taylor to appear on stage with him. 

One might think that, given his background, Trump would want to avoid being seen with people accused of similar things. But on the Fox News network, McCarthy said that he thought Trump hit a homerun. 

McCarthy grovelled, "You have to understand — New Jersey. Not a place that people think Republicans would ever compete. But the size of the crowd. Could President Biden get that crowd in the heart of New York? Or in the most Democrat state? Could he do it in California? The answer is, no."

The California lawmaker continued, "And it just shows last night with that crowd, you’ve got Lawrence Taylor, you have Democrats in that crowd, independents. I would be very concerned if I was in the White House today."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: