WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Dodges Every Question About 1/6 Insurrection Committee

Will House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy agree that legislators who have downplayed the January 6th attack — or, perhaps worse, spun conspiracy theories accusing the FBI, antifa, or other entities for the attack, which was carried out by Trump supporters — shouldn’t be on a committee to investigate said attack? How about addressing how these conspiracy theories affect lawmaker’s votes, such as the Republican votes against awarding honors to Capitol Police for their bravery and efforts to protect these same members of Congress?

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

It’s not quite crickets, but it’s sure not an answer. Instead, McCarthy has a finger to point in every case. Instead of saying that insurrection supporters and conspiracy theorists shouldn’t help investigate the insurrection, he passes the buck to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who, granted, is likely perfectly content to make that decision without interference). When asked about conspiracy theories such as Representative Paul Gosar’s claim that a Capitol Police officer hid and “laid in wait” to “assassinate” Ashli Babbit as she entered through a broken window, and Louie Gohmert’s blaming the FBI, McCarthy says that individual lawmakers can be asked about their votes, but won’t weigh in himself.

Reporter: “Have any of those people, in your conference, received any type of stern lecture…about their behavior, given your self-proclaimed need for unity within that conference?”
McCarthy: “Well, what I talk to my members is what I talk to my members personally about, but if you want to talk to somebody about how they vote, talk to them. Both of those votes are not names that I was a part of.”

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