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WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Denies Saying Trump Should Resign After January 6th — But Maddow Has The Tape

WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Denies Saying Trump Should Resign After January 6th — But Maddow Has The Tape

No wonder House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was so salty about Liz Cheney (R-WY) joining the January 6th Committee. It’s now revealed that he spoke to her after the attack on the Capitol, discussing the possibility of convincing Donald Trump to resign.

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A new book from two New York Times authors attributes to McCarthy certain statements about his fellow Republicans, including reporting that the House Minority Leader wanted to encourage Trump to resign after the January 6th riots at the Capitol, and that when the then-president was kicked off Twitter, he suggested others tweeting inflammatory content, such as Lauren Boebert, should be kicked off too.

McCarthy has denied all of this, issuing a statement saying that the reporting was “totally false and wrong.”

That’s a pretty brazen denial from someone who must have known, must have been aware, that someone who could attest tot the contrary was sitting on the January 6th Committee, and knew the truth.

Of course, he probably didn’t expect that he was being recorded, or that the audio would be leaked after his denial. Rachel Maddow shared it, as seen in the clip below, on her MSNBC show. In the clip, McCarthy and Cheney are discussing the possibility of Trump resigning.

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McCarthy says in the recording that he wants to call Trump and recommend that he resign. He says he doesn’t believe the then-president will do so, but indicates that he believes a 25th Amendment challenge could be successful, and that resignation could be the best path forward for Trump. He says he hasn’t had a conversation with Democrats yet about what the next step would be if Trump did step down, but warns that one topic he doesn’t want to come up at all is the potential for Mike Pence — who as Vice President at the time would have been sworn in as President for the days between a Trump resignation and Joe Biden’s inauguration — to pardon Trump.

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