WATCH: Kentucky Derby Trainer Tells Fox News That His Horse is a Victim of Cancel Culture

Bob Baffert made the strangest accusation of cancel culture yet, claiming his Kentucky Derby winning horse was being victimized.

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Fox News loves nothing more than a good “cancel culture” story. Rather than talking about the political issues of the day, the network normally focuses on people they believed were being wronged by the liberal media. From Marjorie Taylor Greene to Joe Rogan to Dr. Seuss, the issue is an obsession for the network.

So when Bob Baffert’s horse was stripped of its title after testing positive for a drug test, he decided to plead his case on Fox rather than on a sports channel.

The trainer told the hosts, “It did not happen and that’s the really seriously troubling part,” the trainer explained. “They shouldn’t have called it a positive. We’re living in a new world now. These horses don’t live in a bubble. They’re in an open farm. People are touching them. After the Derby, everybody’s touching him. I mean, there are so many ways these horses could get contaminated.”

Bill Hemmer did jump in to note that the drugs in the horses system couldn’t have come from people touching it. Baffert responded, “This is all B.S. Bob Baffert is not stupid. That’s not a drug that I would use on a horse. We don’t use that drug. That horse never had it in him and we have the documentation. We live in a different world now. This America is different. And it was like a cancel culture kind of a thing.”


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