WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Thinks Biden/Obama Theories Are Hurting Trump

Even before he was elected in 2008, Barack Obama represented a sort of boogeyman for Republicans. If there were no such thing as term limits, Obama would probably still be occupying the White House to this day. 

The current President, Joe Biden, served as Obama's Vice President. When Biden campaigns, the 44th president is his most popular surrogate. This relationship also leads to conspiracy theories that Obama is actually the one pulling the strings. 

Kellyanne Conway, one of the most important figures in Donald Trump's original White House, appeared on Fox News Sunday morning where Obama conspiracies abound. But according to the former special adviser to Trump, the idea of Obama running things hurts Republicans more than it helps them. 

"Let's go through some of my favorite, greatest hits when they said, hey, we can we're looking for the strings of Barack Obama pulling your strings, I mean, thereby making fun of the fact that Joe Biden can't stand alone."

Conway continued, "ut I do worry, by the way, that that becomes a positive if lots of Americans who are fence sitters between Biden and Trump friends, if they say, well, if I think Obama is really running the White House, running Washington, running the world, I'll feel better about that."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: