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WATCH: Keith Olbermann Shows Why Tucker Carlson’s NSA Allegations Sound Like Admission Of Guilt

WATCH: Keith Olbermann Shows Why Tucker Carlson’s NSA Allegations Sound Like Admission Of Guilt

Tucker Carlson has been telling his viewers a narrative about the NSA. In his story, the government agency is secretly spying on him and his Fox News program in order to take him off the air for some nefarious reason. However, the agency denies it, and when Tucker doubled down, it began to sound a little off.

[screenshot via Fox News/YouTube]

First, Tucker Carlson claimed that the NSA was monitoring him, and that a ‘whistleblower’ had told him so. His (alleged) evidence was that the whistleblower was able to tell him contents of an email about a story that hasn’t been made public. Of course, the immediate question this raises is, was Carlson doing anything to catch the NSA’s attention?

The NSA, surprisingly, responded publicly, denying that Carlson was the subject of any investigation.

He quickly moved the goalpost, shifting from his prior claim that the NSA was specifically targeting him and his show, to insist that his initial claim had just been that the agency had read his email without his permission. Again, in the initial claim, which you can view here, Tucker asserted that this was about taking his show off the air.

(The full segment is here.)

Of course, as when Donald Trump claimed that the Obama Administration was targeting him when they were actually investigating Russian interference, the natural follow-up is, if the NSA really did read an email as Carlson asserts, and they are not investigating Carlson, then the target of investigation would likely be some other party connected to the email — the sender, or another recipient, for example.

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So, as Keith Olbermann lays out here, this seems to suggest that Carlson would be in contact with some foreign entity that the National Security Agency actually is monitoring.

So, is Tucker Carlson admitting on live television that he’s been in contact with someone that the National Security Agency has reason to believe is a danger to the United States?

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