WATCH: Keith Olbermann Says Prosecute Trump for Crimes Against Humanity

The never-shy commentator Keith Olbermann believes that Donald Trump’s actions and inactions throughout the coronavirus pandemic have been so egregious that he should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity once he leaves office.

In a video posted on his “Worst Person in the World” YouTube channel and tweeted out to his one million-plus followers, Olbermann makes the case that Trump “has managed to screw up COVID-19 again, just in case he missed anybody last time” by not restricting travel to the United States from the United Kingdom after news broke of a highly more transmissible mutation of the virus spreading there. He notes that while 40 other countries have restricted travel from the U.K., Trump is “flat-footed, as usual.”

Citing one CDC official who advocated for so-called “herd immunity,” Olbermann said that Trump and those in his administration who have so badly mishandled the country’s response to the pandemic could be “criminally prosecuted in this country for such overt acts that cause harm in the middle of a pandemic rather than alleviated it.” He noted that a division of the Justice Department could “prosecute Trump and his gang for mass negligent homicide or something similar.”

Olbermann closed out his message with the request, “Fingerprint Trump now.”

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