WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Says Jen Psaki Isn’t Honest With the American People Like She Was

Kayleigh McEnany had a controversial stint as Donald Trump’s Press Secretary where she frequently spared with reporters and told half-truths. This behavior enraged Democrats and delighted Republicans. So it is no surprise that McEnany works as a contributor for Fox News.


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And the former Press Secretary certainly isn’t happy about the positive reviews of Jen Psaki’s performance. McEnany tried to rewrite history Sunday morning by claiming that, unlike Psaki, she always tried to tell the truth.

The contributor told Pete Hegseth, “Imagine if I had stood at that podium, Pete, and said we’re censoring the lies about Lafayette Square that President Trump gassed protesters for a photoshoot. That never happened. Imagine if I had said we’re censoring that. We’re censoring information that, you know, doesn’t agree with the [COVID-19] lab leak theory. We’re censoring information on Russia bounties. All those things were lies!”

McEnany continued:

“I just tried to make sure I said everything accurately. She’s managed to stumble into a legal morass and I guarantee you there are a few people at the DOJ, at social media who are very unhappy with the things that were said at that podium.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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