WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Doesn't Think Jurors Should Have Been Subjected to Stormy Daniels

For decades, those within the GOP have presented themselves as the moral majority, claiming to be better than those in other parties. Then the party decided to make their hero one of the most crude and immoral people on Earth. Rather than dealing with the incredible hypocrisy of this situation, Conservatives choose to ignore it. 

Trump's immoral past was impossible to avoid on Tuesday when Stormy Daniels took the stand against him in New York. The porn star, who had a dalliance with Trump while his wife Melania was pregnant, discussed her payoff to keep the matter under wraps. 

The hosts of Fox News were aghast that this person, who Trump had sex with and paid off, was put in front of jurors. Kayleigh McEnany, who regularly debased herself in the service of Trump, was particularly aghast. 

The Fox host began by slut shaming Daniels, remarking, "her being surprised that she was going to a hotel room alone with a man to have body congress is like Pete Sampras being surprised at being invited to a tennis court, and you wanna see his serve. And then he says, you know, I started shaking when I saw a tennis racket."

McEnany continued, "Imagine if you're a juror on this case and you are a female juror and you are hearing these detail. You cannot get that out of your mind. These jurors are human. And this is why Stormy Daniels should not be on the stand."

Of course, Daniels would not have to have been on the stand had a married Trump not slept with her.