WATCH: Karl Rove Says Trump's Poll Numbers Sliding Since Conviction

Karl Rove knows a thing or two about running Presidential campaigns. The Republican strategist helped lead George W. Bush to wins in 2000 and 2004. Today he acts as a political pundit, often giving his opinion on the Fox News network. 

Fox brought Rove on the air this Sunday to discuss Donald Trump and how the public has reacted since he was convicted in New York City. While the effects haven't been massive, Rove noted that Trump has been seeing a decline in his poll numbers post-conviction. 

The pundit noted

"Here it is. These are the polls since June 1st. If they’re in red, Donald Trump won ‘em, if they’re in blue, Joe Biden is leading and if they’re in green, it’s a tie. And take a look, from the 1st of the month, where it’s Trump up by one, Trump up by two, Trump up by one, Biden up by one, a tie, Trump up by two, Biden up by two, tie, Biden up by two. So there’s been a trend since the… May 30th guilty verdict in the New York case." 

Rove then noted that the looming debate between the two men will is crucial but did wonder if Trump would actually take part. "This will be the most important presidential debate, if it happens, since at least the 1980 presidential debate."