WATCH: Karl Rove Explains Why Ronna McDaniel is in Trouble

You can ask Rudy Giuliani. Or Allen Weisselberg. Or Michael Cohen. It's just not a good idea to get into business with Donald Trump. At best you may go bankrupt. At worst, you could end up in jail. 

Ronna McDaniel, the head of the RNC, knows that she has to stay close to Trump if she wants to stay relevant as a Conservative. But that could also get a person in trouble. And McDaniel played a prominent role in Donald Trump's call to canvassers in Michigan. Karl Rove thinks that presents a problem for her. 

Rove first said of the former President, "I think the former president has a problem with this. They had voted to certify the election, he attempted to force them to change their decision, which they tried to do, I think this is what we would call election interference."

The former Bush advisor then gave his opinion on McDaniel and what could become of her after she took part in the call to the canvassers. "I think the [chair] is in trouble here, because she’s saying to them, ‘If you agree to change your decision on certification in Wayne County, we’ll get your lawyers to stand by you.' And again, I think that was highly inappropriate."

McDaniel is denying any wrongdoing. She put out a statement after the report was released that read, "What I said publicly and repeatedly at the time, as referenced in my letter on Nov. 21, 2020, is that there was ample evidence that warranted an audit."