WATCH: Kamala Harris Likens Donald Trump's Language to That of Adolf Hitler

To win the election in 2024, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are going to need to draw a strong distinction between themselves and Donald Trump. One good way to do that is by pointing out Trump's fascistic tendencies; like claiming that immigrants poison the blood of the country. 

The Vice President appeared on Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC show last night to talk about a variety of issues. When the topic of Trump's immigration rhetoric came up, Harris did not hold back. 

"I was raised knowing that there will be some people who will use their voice in a way that is meant to dehumanize," Harris began, "meant to suggest that the vast majority of us don’t have anything in common, when, in fact, the vast majority of us have more in common than what separates us."

The Vice President continued:

"And I would interpret it, I think, then as I do now, which is, it is language that is meant to divide us. It is language that I think people have rightly found similar to the language of Hitler. And I think it’s just critically important that we remind each other, including our children, that the true measure of the strength of a leader is based not on who they beat down, but who they lift up."

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of Trump's attack on immigrants is the way that his supporters react. His fellow Republicans have largely refused to condemn Trump's words as they are afraid of upsetting his supporters. It is incumbent on Democrats to continue to speak out.