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[WATCH] Kaleigh McEnany Claims ‘Rogue Intelligence Officers’ Could Be After President Trump

[WATCH] Kaleigh McEnany Claims ‘Rogue Intelligence Officers’ Could Be After President Trump

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White House Press Secretary, Kaleigh McEnany has been on the defensive when it comes to what President Trump knew about Russian bounties on U.S. Troops in Afghanistan. McEnany now has a reason that is familiar to all who have followed Trump’s administration. She is saying that rogue elements in the intelligence realm could be after Trump.

President Trump has had a volatile relationship with his intelligence community and has blamed them for many things in the past. He accused them of being responsible for Russiagate among other things. Now, McEnany is implying that some in the intelligence sphere are using the Russian bounties story to come after Trump, again.

During a recent briefing, USA Today White House correspondent David Jackson pointed out McEnany’s claim that the information in the New York Times report was “targeted leaking.” Jackson asked the follow-up question, “Who is doing the targeting, and why are they doing it?”

McEnany answered, “It’s a great question. These are rogue intelligence officers. We will very likely not be able to get a consensus on this intelligence, because of what was leaked to The New York Times. You have both the NSC, ODNI, and CIA all noting what damage this leak does not only to the safety of our troops, which is paramount but the ability of the United States to aggregate information from our allies and have assets and get this valuable information.”

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Jackson kept pressuring McEnany. He asked, “Members of [intelligence community] are going after Trump? Is that what you are saying?” McEnany responded, “It is possible.” McEnany them pointed out President Trump’s concern about a “deep state.” She concluded, “If that is the case, it is absolutely despicable.”

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