WATCH: Kaitlin Collins Explains Why Trump Team Thought They Were In Clear on Docs Case

Despite years of legal troubles, Donald Trump has always managed to get by. The businessman suffered bankruptcies and failures, but appearing on The Apprentice helped to convince parts of America that he was actually a success. 

Considering everything the former President has gotten away with in his life, many expect him to be able to get out of his current numerous predicaments. According to Kaitlin Collins, that is what his lawyers once thought when it came to the classified documents case. 

Collins explained, "It is amazing how much of a shift there has been from Trump's legal team. They initially believed it was more serious."

The CNN pundit continued, "Then after Pence and Biden became embroiled in their own document issues, they seemed to think that they had an out. There is no way that they believed that Trump could be charged, considering his predecessor and former running mate had similar issues, even though they were very different on the obstruction issue."

Collins closed, "They are concerned about this. And seem to have this belief that Trump could be charged potentially in this. Trump is denying publicly online that he has been told he is going to be indicted, but there is definitely a sense of alarm in Trump's legal team over this."