WATCH: Kaitlin Collins Asks Pence How He Could Support Jim Jordan After 1/6

During a Friday night interview, Kaitlin Collins pressed Mike Pence on supporting Jim Jordan despite the congressman's actions on January 6th. 

There are still several Republicans seeking the 2024 nomination despite Donald Trump's commanding lead. Mike Pence is one of them. And all of these candidates are being asked for their opinions on the current dysfunction in the House GOP. 

The former Vice President gave an interview to CNN on Friday night and threw his support behind Jim Jordan. He told the host:

"Jim Jordan would be an outstanding speaker of the House. He is a principled conservative, just as Steve Scalise is, and at a time when we see war raging in Eastern Europe, the worst attack on the Jewish state of Israel since its re-founding in 1948, challenges here at home in our economy, a crisis at our border, the American people want to see the Republican conference come together, elect a speaker, and get back to work."

Collins countered, "It’s interesting to me to hear you say that, that Jim Jordan would be a great speaker, given he was someone who sent a text to the chief of staff on January 5th that outlined for you to violate the Constitution and block the certification of the election. I mean, do you really believe that’s someone who should be third in line for the presidency?"

Pence responded, "I have immense respect for Jim Jordan. He’s a man of integrity and I’ve known him for many years. I was not aware of his opinion going into January 6th."