WATCH: Kaitlan Collins Outlines Trump Trial Detail That is Driving Him Crazy

Donald Trump is a person who really needs to be in control. People have listened to him his entire life thanks to the wealth he inherited and the power that goes along with it. But now that he is on trial, the former President can't make the rules himself. 

On Monday night, Anderson Cooper hosted a panel to discuss how the 45th President is reacting to his current trial. Kaitlan Collins pointed out the one detail that seems to really be riling him up. 

According to the CNN anchor, Trump is, "viewing this all through the lens of the campaign trail, and what that means going into it and the fact that they are kept cordoned off a bit of a distance so people can get in and out of the courthouse, has been driving him crazy."

"He is by himself, Maggie Haberman then weighed in. “When he feels boosted is by his supporters and so he has been hoping for something of a circus around his trial. But the reality, Anderson, is that only two to three dozen supporters, max, over the last week have shown up and they’re positioned to protest/demonstrate/whatever across the street from the courthouse."

The New York Times reporter continued, "Trump started trying to suggest on Truth Social that that’s why the number’s been so small, is that they’re all being blocked. But that’s not it. It’s that people are not showing up."