WATCH: Kaitlan Collins Calls Out Ted Cruz For Supporting Trump Despite Slams on Father, Wife

There was once a time where Ted Cruz pretended to have a spine. Following a brutal 2016 primary season where Trump frequently attacked the Texas Senator and his family, Cruz refused to support Trump during that year's Republican Convention. 

Like almost every Republican lawmaker in the country, though, Cruz has become a Trump lackey and apologist. The lawmaker further debased himself during a Wednesday appearance on CNN when he let the 45th President off the hook for saying his father assassinated JFK and calling his wife ugly. 

Collins attempted to call out Cruz, saying of Trump's campaign, 'They targeted not just your dad but also your wife. I think a lot of people sitting at home would say, well, that’s pretty cynical. I mean, this is someone who attacked your own members of your family, and what we learned from this testimony is not only did Donald Trump know about it, he coordinated it."

Unfazed and incapable of humiliation, Cruz answered, "look, I understand, but I knew then it was lies. And at the end of the day, I’m a big boy, and as I said, I could have made a choice. Listen, if I were a private citizen, I could decide my feelings are hurt, and I’m just gonna leave. But if I do that, I can’t do my job, and I care about my job."

The Texas Senator closed, "I think Donald Trump is a unique character in American history. There are things he says and does that I like; there are things he says and does that I don’t like."