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WATCH: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Mocks Giuliani to Promote a Special Veep Reunion

WATCH: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Mocks Giuliani to Promote a Special Veep Reunion

Starting with Saturday Night Live, moving to Seinfeld and now starring in Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has long been a comedic superstar. The actress is also prominent supporter of the Democratic Party. She even hosted one night of the party’s virtual 2020 National Convention.

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Louis-Dreyfuss is also adept at social media. In her latest post, she managed to kill multiple birds with one stone. Not only did she promote a Veep reunion to aid Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, she also brutally mocked Rudy Giuliani.

The actress began by mentioning the frequent references between the bumbling Trump team and the characters on her show:

“Over the last few weeks, many brave and patriotic Americans have come forward having witnessed similarities between our ongoing election and the TV show Veep. And not just a singular example, but a pattern that repeats itself over and over,” she added. “Literally thousands or hundreds of thousands of cases. To any experienced investigator or prosecutor, this would suggest there was a plan from a centralized place, specifically focused on Veep.”

Louis-Dreyfuss then began to wipe black ooze from her face, mimicking the viral Rudy Giuliani moment. She continued, “Have you watched Veep? It’s one of my favorites. With the nice lady?”

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The reunion will be held virtually on December 6th. Fans can join the stream by donating to a campaign set up for Warnock and Ossoff.


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