WATCH: Judge Jeanine Pleads with Taylor Swift to Stay out of Politics

A lot of Conservatives were rooting for the Ravens to beat the Chiefs this weekend. The main reason? Because Taylor Swift is dating Chiefs star Travis Kelce and she has been vocal about her support for Joe Biden. 

Swift is currently the most famous person in the world and if she really gets behind Biden in 2024, she could help to keep him in the White House. And the prospects of that has terrified Republicans. Fox News went hard after Swift for much of the day. 

The cast of The Five discussed the pop star's impact during Monday's show and Judge Jeanine Pirro had some advice. She began, "Why would someone as popular as she is alienate and I’m not saying you know…what’s going to be, ‘Yeah, people are going to hate her,’ but why alienate your fans and ‘Swifties.' You know, they come across from every political ideology, why put yourself in one area?"

The Fox host continued, "So don’t get involved, don’t get involved in politics, we don’t want to see you there. And Joe Biden is in hole with young people, he knows it. And if he thinks Taylor can get him out of that hole, he’s gonna go for it."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: