[WATCH] Judge In Jeffrey Epstein Case Connected To People Who Want The Case Kept Quiet

A report by the Miami Herald has revealed some interesting connections between the judge overseeing the Jeffrey Epstein case and politicians who would be pleased to see the case kept quiet. Krista Marx is the chief judge over the case and is the one who is keeping the grand jury records from getting out. It is believed that Marx has a conflict of interest due to her being tied to three politicians swept up in the sex trafficking case against the deceased Epstein.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg, is facing a lawsuit from the Palm Beach Post to force him to release records.  Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, who’s department is facing a criminal inquiry over the favoritism shown to Epstein in the Palm Beach County Jail. And ex-State Attorney Barry Krischer, who is also facing possible charges for his decision to not prosecute child-sex charges against Epstein.

Special Prosecutors were assigned to the case by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. These prosecutors attempted to get the records of Krischer’s grand jury presentation from 2006 unsealed. The prosecutors wanted a chance to analyze if Kirscher revealed all of the evidence against Epstein to the grand jury, or if he kept some evidence secret. It looks suspicious to some because the grand jury only charged Epstein with solicitation of prostitution. As a result, Epstein was able to arrange for a cushy plea deal which saw him spend 13 months in a Palm Beach County jail. He spent most of his sentence at his West Palm Beach office because of being granted work release provisions.

Once the news of Epstein’s cushy lifestyle in the jail was broken by the Miami Herald, DeSantos order a criminal investigation into Krischer and Bradshaw. Bradshaw was key to Epstein living lavishly in jail. This included allowing Epstein to have sex with women inside the jail.

In response to the prosecutors’ request, Judge Marx called it a “fishing expedition,’’ back in January and refused to unseal the records.

As Epstein’s victims still seek justice we will have to wait and see what else comes about. You can read more of the Miami Herald’s article here.

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