[WATCH] Joy Reid Calls Out the “Big Lie”-rs

Some Donald Trump supporters who believe he won the election are reportedly terrorizing election workers, according to a Reuters investigation.

Tricia Raffensperger, the wife of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, had received threatening anonymous texts in April 2021 that read “We plan for the death of you and your family every day” and “You and your family will be killed very slowly.”

[Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images]
Those previously unreported messages illustrate the continuing barrage of threats and intimidation against election officials and their families months after Trump’s November election defeat. While reports of threats against Georgia officials emerged in the heated weeks after the voting, Reuters interviews with more than a dozen election workers and top officials – and a review of disturbing texts, voicemails, and emails that they and their families received – reveal the previously hidden breadth and severity of the menacing tactics.

Reuters reports that in late November, the Georgia Secretary of State’s family “went into hiding for nearly a week after intruders broke into the home of the Raffenspergers’ widowed daughter-in-law, an incident the family believed was intended to intimidate them. That evening, people who identified themselves to police as Oath Keepers – a far-right militia group that has supported Trump’s bid to overturn the election – were found outside the Raffenspergers’ home, according to Tricia Raffensperger and two sources with direct knowledge of the family’s ordeal”. Neither incident has been previously reported.

This is just yet another dangerous example of Trump supporters who still believe the Big Lie. Joy Reid called out the Big Lie-rs in her latest installation of our favorite segment of “The ReidOut”, The Absolute Worst.

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