WATCH: Josh Hawley Takes a Shot At Republican Leadership During CNN Interview

The Republicans in the Senate tend to look down on the Republicans in the House. And the GOP members of the House have done nothing to make them stop looking down on them. Since being in power, the House GOP hasn't been able to accomplish anything. 

Thanks to Republican inaction, the government is close to shutting down. When asked about the looming issue, GOP Senator Josh Hawley blamed his own party leadership, including Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. 

Hawley complained to Manu Raju:

This was supposed to be done in September. I mean, this is now almost March? Well, this is just ridiculous. They have agreement on the top line. They’ve had it since January. This is why I voted against the last CR. They’ve just been kicking the can down the road. I can’t believe that they didn’t get work done over the weekend. They had months to do this stuff. I mean, I — my patience has run out.

The conversation continued:

"Raju: So who’s to blame?

Hawley: Leadership is to blame.

Raju: Which leadership? Both sides?

Hawley: Yeah, of course. Yeah, all of them. Yeah. They’re all the blame. I mean at this point it’s just it’s absurd, I think."

Watch a clip of the exchange below: