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WATCH: Josh Hawley Says Abortion, Insurrection, Are Issues That “Don’t Affect Real People”

WATCH: Josh Hawley Says Abortion, Insurrection, Are Issues That “Don’t Affect Real People”

The right to access necessary reproductive care has been a contentious one, and after 50 years, Republicans have stripped it from millions of people across the country. Now, everyone with a uterus has to consider the risks that thenext pregnancy might be the deadly one — and they might be unable to terminate. Meanwhile, last January, the government suffered a multi-pronged attack targeted at overturning the outcome of an election and rejecting the votes of the American people.

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However, Senator Josh Hawley assures us that this is totally okay and won’t be a factor in November elections at all — because, according to him, none of this affects “real people.”

Watch him explain it to Sean Hannity below — unfortunately, Hannity doesn’t follow this up with a question about exactly who Hawley deems to fit the definition of “real people.”

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“They’re talking about issues that only they care about, that nobody else cares about, that doesn’t affect the lives of real people, or that they’re wrong on. Take abortion again, what are you going to say to people, no you shouldn’t have a choice in what your laws are, in your own state? That’s what they’re telling people. And January 6th, the only people who care about January 6th are the Democrats in Washington, D.C.”

Notably, Hawley has restructured “choice” where a medical procedure is concerned, as not the choice to have that procedure, but the “choice” to make it illegal for others to do so. It’s probably a safe bet that a fair number of voters do, indeed, care a lot about this issue, especially considering that it’s already affecting medical care, even outside of specifically access to abortion — Fortune reports that OB/GYNs and medical students who were planning to enter that specialty are already saying they’re rethinking their careers. Some are already leaving the field, and others say they worry about needing legal advice to determine the care they can give to patients.

As for the January 6th proceedings, the latest Forbes report indicates that about half of Americans believe Donald Trump should face charges for his role in the attack — which is somewhat more than “only the Democrats in D.C.”

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